I Finally Own a Plane

Now that the flooring and paint were done, it was finally time to start thinking about decorating. I already had a few things like clothes racks and a bench that I made out of various parts, but I wanted to have something else. I wanted something memorable. I thought about finding a fiberglass mascot or at least creating one and having it made. You know, like those huge Bob’s Big Boys or Ronald McDonald's from the past. I had no idea where to begin. So I started looking at Craigslist. Not much luck. Yvette planned a family trip to Disneyland for my last weekend before opening the shop (although that didn't happen until 30+ days later). So I started searching Craigslist in the OC/LA area. I came across an ad for a coin operated airplane? How often do you see one of those? I call the guy and he is more excited than I am. We head to Disneyland, and all I can think of is this plane. The next morning, I head to the guy’s house to see it. It was not as nice in person, and definitely needed some love, but at the same time it was perfectly imperfect. I had to have it. I paid for it, shook his hand, and then loaded the plane into the van. It was easy to fit the plane into an empty van but then I started thinking, “How am I going to get home with a wheelchair, a toddler carseat, and 2 more passengers.” Somehow miracles happen (thank you Lord) and I didn't have to strap the airplane to the roof. We all fit! It was ridiculous, but we made it back safely. I can finally say that I own an airplane! Now it sits in my shop perfectly imperfect, just how I like it.