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WST.PAC - Black (HD 6.0)

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This one goes out to my all of you that have a family member that travelled to the Western Pacific. Influenced by the Souvenir Jackets and memorabilia that my friends parents would bring back from their travels protecting our country. HCATALYST Tiger Print in Metallic Gold with a sleeve hit that reads "Strike in Silence".

This tee is printed on our Heavy Duty 6.0 Line. What that means is that this Heavy Duty 6.0 oz. 100% Cotton. Ready to receive everything you have to give. Built for the toughest of the tough and the sharpest of the sharp. Sizing is a little looser and sleeves a little longer. Our Heavy Duty 6.0 shirts have the tagline "Durable Yet Dapper" for a reason. 

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